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Report or Communication !

The most effective CSR reporting will be mindful both of the company’s achievements, and the priorities of the people who will read the report: employees, customers, community representatives, NGOs, and yes, shareholders. Integrating their priorities into your CSR strategy can help you maximize the impact of your reporting. But how?

From CSR report to CSR Communication all year round
Ultimately, your goal should be to shift your approach to CSR communication away from just focusing on that annual communication behemoth: the CSR report. I understand why companies get so bogged down with the report – it’s a huge job with many moving parts and input from many different departments and internal stakeholders.

But ultimately, it’s not the contents of the report, but the act of reporting, that matters most – and that communication channel should be open all year round.



  • Annual Report (Sustainability Report)- We prepare annual report of CSR/NGOs according to organizational  needs, government need, international guidelines (Like GRI, ISO26000, AA1000APS etc.)


  • MIS- Development of MIS for every level of management for external and internal use separately. We also manage whole gamut of MIS.


  • Newsletter- We prepare, design and publish newsletter on behalf of company for internal and external circulation.


  • Media Management- All gamut of Media Management.


  • IEC Material- We develops, design, print and circulate all type of IEC materials.


  • Documentary Movie- We shoots documentary movie/film from script writing to release. Film may be of ongoing, finished project achievement or any social issues concerned to company.  We also prepare audio materials.


  • Award winning Report- We prepare and fulfill all required criteria for CSR/Corporate governance/NGOs award proposals.
  • Many more