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NGOs:  Partner With us


NGOs are invited for partnering with us for socio-economic development of the nations.


Some Advantages:

  • Professional guidelines and experience sharing to enhance the performance and brand image/loyalty.
  • Guidance for good governance and Advance Management System/Technology for NGO functioning and project implementation.
  • Continues support/research/findings to your efforts for resource mobilization.
  • Resource mobilization from every possible sources on behalf of NGOs.
  • Need based Joint ventures for enhancement of projects/resource/skill development/top-up.
  • Connected and Partnered with DNR partners (Corporate, NGOs, national and international organizations).
  • Proposal development /writing for grant making and partnering with similar organizations.
  • Corporate Social Responsibility projects collaborations.
  • Projects visits local/national/international for know-how and benchmarking.  
  • Accreditation of joint forum and many more which are mentioned in our “DNR partnership document” available for selected partners.


Terms and conditions:

  • NGO should be registered entity as per your country norms.
  • NGO should be minimum one year old.
  • Should have ability to adopt all available advance management system/technology and good governance
  • Kindly download the form (icon “Download” at the bottom of the page) and submit through e mail or visit “Join us” and attach the profile and scanned copy of registration certificate.
  • Please don’t forget to mention your city and country name when corresponding.
  • Only one NGO per city/area will be selected as this is a long term partnership and DNR partners do all collaboration for all projects with selected partners only.
  • Selection is based on functioning of NGOs, focus area, geographical, area, audit, credibility and adoptability of global norms.
  • Permission should be granted for physical audit of NGOs by our inspection team/ volunteers if required.
  • Our most of the admin work mode is online and NGOs should be equipped for the same.
  • Ultimate objective should be socio- economic development.
  • All selected NGOs will be notified by email only.
  • Processing time is 6 (Six) months only.
  • Development Network and Research (DNR) Foundation has absolute authority/rights of Selection for partnership/members and can’t be challenged in any court/authority in any country.