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Preparation of Policy, Mission, Vision, Objectives & Roadmap:

(Basis- Why CSR, External & Internal CSR, How to Do, Where to Do, CSR is business process, ROI, Brand Equity, Market Pull Factor, Legislations, Is Policy required and time period ?, is really work for attrition?  Triple Bottom Line i.e. People, Planet and Profit, International Sustainability norms, ISO:26000 etc. to make CSR a 360˚ degree process)

  • Preparation of policy, mission, vision and  CSR objective based on thoughts of owners/board, nature of products/service, geographic locations/presence, size of company, nature of industry, future expansion plan etc.
  • Roadmap of CSR is very crucial and important for company itself as well as for all stakeholders, investors, costumers, government and other agencies. Roadmap reflects strong commitment towards CSR policy of the company. Roadmap encompasses the focus areas and intensity of work in particular time i.e. in this year and in coming years. Preparing Roadmap of CSR is very extensive in nature based on policy, mission, vision, expansion of business, future profit projection, socio economic development, political stability, govt. new policies, global norms etc. In other words it’s a horoscope.