E-Classes for deprived children: COVID-19

E-Classes for deprived children: COVID-19

#DefeatCOVID: E- classes for Govt. school children across India. 

A solution for underprivileged children who have no access to classes at home like privileged children during COVID-19.

DNR Foundation in association with ConveGenius has come up with education solutions during COVID-19 for underprivileged children. We are focused on closing the gap in educational achievement for children and youth in India.

Every day, our innovative EdTech solutions touch the lives of 1.2 million+ learners across 16 states in India.

Together our vision is to make quality education accessible to the bottom 100 million deprived children in India.


  1. We have a platform equipped with the syllabus as per the state boards/NCERT syllabus to provide on Whattaspp.
  2. Apart from the syllabus children will get involved in competitions like model making, essay,  STEM education as well as awareness about various info including Covid-19.
  3. Contents are equipped with all required exercises with various options.
  4. District Administration will circulate all info about registration to parents via district education officers (BSA/DIOS) to parents.
  5. Parents will add the WhatsApp number provided by us, with the donor’s logo.
  6. Parents will get the donor details for this e-classes.
  7. Parents will be registered and now their children are ready for class.
  8. Daily real-time improvement/classes update can be accessed by teacher/local administration/doners and other stakeholders.
  9. From next year onwards parents will pay the fee (INR 15/PM)  for this project and the project will be sustainable forever.
  10. The project will be continued even after COVID-19 with updated software without cost. 
  11. Let’s come forward and support the future of 10 children in only Rs. 1800 for the year. 

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