Meal programme for daily wagers

Meal programme for daily wagers


The death toll due to the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) in India was 356 as of Apr 14, 2020. Since March 24, 2020, India has been under a nationwide lockdown, still continued even in the unlock phase extended by the Government in many cities, to curb the spread of the new virus. India is among the worst-hit countries, but its grossly under-funded and patchy public health system, with huge variations between different states, poses special challenges for the country’s disease containment strategy. As on 10 August, cases crossed 22.70 Lakh in India.

The economy setback has directly impacted on humans apart from the death threat. The government is trying to ease the lockdown to move the economy but without compromising public health. So different measures have been taken. Daily wagers are hard affected by the lockdown. The situation in Maharashtra,  Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh  Karnataka, Delhi NCR and poor states are even more grime like in Bihar, Uttar Pradesh etc.  In urban slum and in rural areas underprivileged people are more affected and need support.

Meal for daily wagers and their family 

DNRF distributed more than six lakhs meals in Patna and Mumbai also in Dharavi- a most affected area by Covid-19. The target group was daily wagers and their family. The awareness program was part of the project. Through mobile van and Radio Mirchi we tried to make people aware of safety and precaution from Covid-19. The project was supported by the Vedanta Group.

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