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Project Management and Operations

You can begin a project with us, from commencement to completion for any CSR projects. If your project is missing milestones, lacking momentum, contact us and we will deploy our project management professionals to get your project back on track. We oversee all improvements throughout their duration, mitigate risks while maintaining tight control over scope, schedule, and budget. From developing the concept to the project management design, planning, and execution, we make sure the project delivers the expected value. We blend professional project management with change management best practices to ensure projects are completed on time and within budget, and address the human factors and culture critical to adoption and sustainability.

  • Macro and macro planning of project/activities
  • Detailed activity schedule
  • Time templates of projects and staff
  • Reporting System of Project
  • Budget minimization of activities
  • Monitoring and evaluation of projects
  • KPIs and KRAs
  • Providing human resources for projects
  • Keeping specialized human resources on DNR rolls
  • Involvement of Government and other agencies, local community, influential peoples in projects for developing relations.
  • Possibility of PPP model – situational

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