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Donate Food for Needy: Hard Affected in COVID Pandemic

Long lockdown and loss of livelihood amidst social distancing rules are disproportionately affecting migrant workers, daily wage-earners, the urban poor and other vulnerable groups. Hunger, lack of sanitary kits and loss of income to buy basic essentials have left many helpless.

Beyond the very obvious risks to physical health and to the economy, the epidemic is also affecting people’s social connectedness, their trust in people and institutions, their jobs and incomes, as well as imposing a huge toll in terms of anxiety and worry. COVID-19 is hitting at a time where inequality and social pressures are high; and many people and communities continue to be left behind despite the improvement of average living conditions in the past many years or so.

Alongside national initiatives like the PM Cares Fund, grassroots non-profits, citizen groups, civil society organizations and even individuals are coming together to help those on the margins fight COVID-19 and hunger. The National lockdown to tackle the COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the problems of food, nutrition and livelihood security confronting a large number of rural people, in particular, migrants to cities. While some measures have been announced, we need to understand the different dimensions of the huge underprivileged population in a holistic manner in order to address this problem in its totality.

Let’s support organisations like us working on the ground to provide COVID-19 relief and aid! You can contribute to any of organisation to support India’s fight against the coronavirus and help the less privileged during this lockdown. 

Donate INR 15 Per Meal 

You can donate Rs 1500 only for a cooked hot meal for 100 meals.

Hot cooked packed meal  (Khichri, Veg Biryani, Poha, Puri-Sabji, Pickels, Spoon and Napkin)

We have already distributed more than 6 lakh hot meals. 


Donate INR 900 for  Grocery Kit for a  family for 15 days. 

This grocery kit can serve many poor families. It contains Rice- 5KG, Pulses-2KG, Oil-IL,  Salt-1KG  and Spices-200Gm. It can help these families survive until the situation comes to a halt. These families need your help to feed their children. Please donate and feed these poor families.

We have already distributed more than 2000 grocery kits. 


Donate through Bank Transfers: RTGS/NEFT

  • Bank Name: HDFC BANK LTD
  • Account Number: 50100339437281
  • Account Type: SAVING
  • IFSC Code: HDFC0000921

Please share your personal Email ID, Mobile Number, Address, and PAN No. and transaction details so that we can send you the receipt certificate & share updates on our programs with you. To know more please WhatsApp on  +91 9911438554.


Note: All donations made to DNR Foundation are tax exempted under 80G of IT Act, 1961. 

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