CSR Impact Assessment

CSR Impact Assessment

Impact assessment is a common term used for assessment of action taken for a particular cause in a particular situation. We do Pre Mid and Post project Impact assessment. There are many techniques and guidelines are available in the market. We encompass all techniques and guidelines including innovative ones and according to the need for impact assessment. Incorporating all international specification norms, best practices available.

We revisited the previous year’s project where we had done an impact assessment. The result was not satisfactory. Once again we have reminded them. We have also given the opportunity to correction measures free of cost. But due to internal confidentiality, they ignored. We are making a plan to correct it in another way.  From next year we have planned to publish the report for people and concerned authorities.

This year we also conducted  impact assessment of five companies including two companies where we had done in 2017.  Some results were very impressive but some were disappointing. Initiatives are mainly focused on branding and instant joy for time being. Even some companies are not doing the announced plan. The local community is not aware that what they are actually doing. We find that majority of the community is not aware of the objective of the project. Even the implementing agency is not clear about what to do.

CSR must be considered as business and should be looked very seriously. Need sensitization of the CSR board.

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