Digital Education

Digital Education

Digital education is a revolutionary method of imparting knowledge, especially since it levels the playing field for all students. India is home to the largest population of children in the world, with an estimated 430 million children in the age group of 0-18 years in the country. The state of education in the country, especially in rural areas has been deplorable, with challenges such as archaic teaching methods, shortage of teachers, highly disproportionate student-teacher ratio, and inadequate teaching materials plaguing the sector. Digitization of education helps in mitigating all of these concerns by providing multimedia teaching tools to teachers and engaging students through learning methods that utilize digital tools, such as tablets, laptops, desktop, smart-boards, LCD screens, videos, etc.

There is two types of modes one is Tab based another is TV-based. Contents are mapped with state boards and NCERT syllabus in 10 regional languages including English and Hindi. The most interesting part is that anybody can see the progress of digital school operation/usages data in real-time. Govt. Education officer can also see the progress.  Teachers can know that lacking and strong part of the student.

We have facilitated many tab-lab in rural govt. primary schools in the association of ConveGenius in Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh. Next year we are going to set-up in  Bihar, Jharkhand and Orrisa with scholarship mode.

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