Environment Protection

Environment Protection

Environmental protection measures have been always concerning and we try to protect it with our limited resources in small areas. DNRF   activities now include promoting environmental education, training and capacity building, implementing demonstration projects, conducting advocacy work in partnership with the government and the promotion of regional and international cooperation on the environment.

We also get involved in the practical management of conservation areas and promote community or individual action and campaign for greater accountability on the part of the government and corporate sector.

Apart from the plantation, we did an awareness campaign for water conservation and pollution in Gautam Budh Nagar. The effects of using plastic and plastic bags/items also discussed and a cleanness drive conducted. Constructed soak pit to save water. We also encourage plantation of the medicinal plant along with fruit plants. Our focus was to plant more and more neem plant.  Mobilizing the community to plant at least one plant on their birthday and maintain.

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