Pond Rejuvenation

Pond Rejuvenation

Gautam Budh Nagar district has a geographical area of 1442 Sq. Km with headquarters at the industrial city of Noida. It has three Tehsils and four developmental blocks viz. Bisrakh, Dadri, Dankaur and Jewar.  People started moving to Noida around 35 years ago. The urban area is expanding very fast resulting into concretization at a rapid rate. Many of the villages are semi urbanized.

The underground water table level has gone down significantly. The District of Gautam Budh Nagar has groundwater monitoring system in the form of Dugwells and Piezometers. The groundwater in deeper zones gets brackish to saline as it occurs more than 1000 ms/cm at 25-degree centigrade in many sectors. The depletion of groundwater levels locally in NOIDA and Greater Noida area is attributed to the over-exploitation of groundwater.

The government decided to take the support of corporate to reclaim all ponds to increase the water level. We did pond rejuvenation in partnership with Honda and UP Government at Jamalpur, Jewar block,  Gautam Budh Nagar.

We first did pre-study & mapping after that weed/jungle removal and desilting. Re-Construction of the existing pond (Staircase, embankment formation, main bund strengthening, surface leveling etc ).

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