U-Turn4Nature Project

U-Turn4Nature Project

The U-Turn4nature project is an agro-based “Make in Rural India” concept and returning back to nature.  Huge rural employment opportunity. Where this project connecting the rural communities to consumers. Training, market needs assessment, identification of beneficiary is going on. We have started the registration of customers also. A web portal based outlet has been created. Unit operation training is going on. In this project. The whole business cycle will be operated by the beneficiary only.

DNRF will support from outside. To compete with the market U-TURN4NATURE has been registered as a separate entity. Which will work as a marketing partner with a rural community? After making them self sustainable the ownership will be transferred to the village coordinator.

DNRF will support as capacity building and U-Turn4Nature will support them for marketing, branding, compliances etc. From next year onwards no contribution from DNRF and this project will run independently.

A two-way strategy has been adopted for this project. One is to develop enterprising among the target group i.e the village community.  And secondly, they will be trained, motivate for natural farming practices. Which will save our environment and can provide poison-free food products. In this project, beneficiaries will manufacture only current needed items for a fresh delivery of products and saving on stocks. Apart from local food items, we are giving training about procurement/production of vegetables,  spices, fruits, dry fruits etc.

We are also supporting beneficiaries to connect with various government schemes for employment and small business. Dairy farms, poultry, fisheries, bee-keeping are part of the project. We have tied –up with the Kisan Munch for organic farming training.  We have   Started this from Gautam Budh Nagar, Uttar Pradesh to develop a model.

For more details please visit http://www.u-turn.in

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